How An Indoor Navigation App Helps Your Business In Revenue Generation?

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Blog

Indoor navigation app is derived from Geolocation technology, which helps your business grow and supports revenue generation by attracting more visitors to your facility.

You might be an owner any of the facility like a Zoo, a Shopping Mall, a Healthcare facility, an Aquarium, or a Museum, etc, and to enhance your business goals you need to ensure more visitors at your venue.

Navigation App Helps Your Business


How An Indoor Navigation App Aids Visitor Experience?

Visitors can use the indoor navigation app on their Smartphones to guide them to the desired location effortlessly.

The other things that visitors like about indoor navigation app are:

  • The facility map is available on their fingertips for wayfinding and reaching points of interest
  • The indoor navigation app has a search option where users can view assets and bookmark them
  • Navigation routes can also be supported in voice for a hands-free experience

An Indoor Navigation App


What are the Features of an Indoor Navigation App?

An indoor navigation app comprises of features such as

  • Positioning – Identifying the location of various assets placed within the facility
  • Mapping – Pointing to various points of interest within the venue and display viable routes
  • Routing – Guides users with the shortest  route and leads the visitor to the destination
  • User Analytics – Displays the number of visitors and user behavior inside the facility
  • Facility Administration – Lets building administrators control beacons, set up promotional operations, and more

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What are the Benefits of an Indoor Navigation App?

Share Your Location
Visitors in the facility can share the location and also fix an appropriate meeting point for them

Marketing and Promotion
Facility heads can use push notifications and location based alerts to promote products and services for users to avail

 Emergency Management
Vital alerts related to safety and security of the users can be sent on a real-time basis

Inventory & Asset Tracking: 
Indoor navigation app also helps to track the visitor movements and also the assets within the facility

the Major Industry Segments


These are the Major Industry Segments Where Indoor Navigation App is Applicable
The major Industries opting for indoor navigation app are Medical Facilities, Shopping Malls, Museums, Railways, Educational Facilities, Conventional Centers, Office Spaces, Airports, Aquariums, Zoo Parks, Parking Lots, Resorts, Theme Parks, Cooperates, Warehouses, etc.