Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN)
Market Forecast & Growth Factors

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The Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) is a mosaic industry interlinked closely to attendant markets such as location based services, real-time asset tracking, customer experience management, smart building management, and mass notification system among others.

Factors driving the IPIN industry:
• Need for Real-time Location Analytics
• Thrust on Customer Experience for Brand Building
• Demand for Proximity Marketing
• Surge in Adoption of IoT
• Rise in Adoption of Hardware e.g. Bluetooth Beacons, QR Codes/NFC Tags

Attendant Markets and Their Projected Growth within the Forecast Period

Parking Management Market Global Forecast 2018 - USD 3.39 billion; 2023 - USD 5.2 billion @ CAGR of 8.7%

o Seamless traffic flow
o Fuel consumption reduction
o Increasing motor vehicle sales

Incident and Emergency Management Market Global Forecast 2019 - USD 107.0 billion; 2024 - USD 148.5 billion @ CAGR of 6.8%

o Occurrence of unpredictable natural disasters
o Growth in terrorist attacks and criminal activities

Smart Building Market Global Forecast 2019 - USD 60.7 billion in 2019; 2014 - USD 105.8 billion @ CAGR) of 11.7%

o Rising adoption of IoT-enabled building management system
o Increased awareness on indoor space management

Location Based Services Market Global Forecast 2019 - USD 16.0 billion; 2024 - USD 40.0 billion by 2024 @ CAGR of 20.1%

o Growing demand for LBS and RTLS for industry applications
o Proliferation of smartphones/location-based apps among consumers
o Growing demand for geomarketing

Digital Railway Market Global Forecast 2019 - USD 50.0 billion; 2024 - USD 74.8 billion @ CAGR of 8.4%

o Increasing investments in the railway sector
o Surge in passenger numbers
o Focus on passenger experience

Integrated Workplace Management System Market Global Forecast - 2019 USD 2.3 billion; 2024 - USD 4.6 billion @ CAGR of 14.2%

o Requirement of improved and efficient operational solutions
o Increased sophistication of solutions and services

Location Analytics Market Global Forecast 2019 - USD 10.6 billion; 2024 - USD 22.8 @ CAGR of 16.6%

o To analyze and generate insights from the spatial data
o Development of location-based technologies

Customer Experience Management Market Global Forecast 2019 - USD 7.8 billion; 2024 - USD 14.5 billion @ CAGR of 13.3%

o Increasing need to improve customer engagement
o Reduce customer churn rate
o Rising demand for big data analytics

Student Information System Market Global Forecast 2018 - USD 5.0 billion 2023 - USD 9.0 billion @ CAGR of 12.4%

o Growing demand for robust internal process software and improve
o Seminar/conference management

Geomarketing Market Global Forecast 2018 - USD 7.3 billion; 2023 - USD 23.7 billion @ CAGR) of 26.4%

o Increasing demand for location-based intelligence
o Use of location analytics and big data

Mass Notification Systems Market Global Forecast 2017 - USD 4.86 Billion; 2022 - USD 11.87 Billion @ CAGR of 19.6%

o Growing concerns for public safety and security,
o Increasing awareness about MNS for business continuity

The Indoor Location Market Global Forecast 2017 - USD 7.1 Billion; 2022 - USD 41.0 billion @ CAGR of 42.0%

o Increasing adoption of connected devices
o Growing demand for the indoor location

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