Enhancing Guest Experience Through Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation at Amusement Parks

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We all love spending time at amusement parks quite a lot, but do they love us back by offering the best services for enhancing the guest experience?

In today’s estimate, most of the amusement parks have lost their essence and have become a commercial podium without leveraging from new trends, especially on imbibing new technologies such as indoor positioning and navigation which could enhance guest experience exponentially and make them come back for more.

Any Smartphone technology for amusement parks should come with these features:

  • Indoor Positioning and Navigation
  • Emergency Management
  • Real-time Data for Strategic Business Decisions

Market Watch, an organization that provides global information on business news, analysis, and stock market data posted a slideshow recently on their website focusing on the drawbacks and prevailing problems at amusement parks.

As per the report, it’s high time amusement park managements re-think their strategy in order to get back visitors’ attention.

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Firstly, a glimpse of amusement parks

A place that is made up of rides, roller coasters, water rides, etc. along with restaurants, shops, and other entertainment outlets, providing an avenue for family and friends to hangout and relaxes is an amusement park. Until a decade or more ago, venues which were meant for amusing visitors were lacking technology within the venue which could engage visitors better and create that Wow! effect.

But today, with the advent of technology in most enterprise sectors pertaining to the entertainment industry across the globe, amusement parks should accommodate whatever they could for the safety and satisfaction of the visitor.

Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) in Amusement Parks

Few large facility users and management have already been using navigation technologies today but still, a big number of other facilities don’t even know what it is. In the near future, around 25% of all the users using technology will become pure indoor positioning and navigation users to reach optimal usage of the venue, says Deloitte Global.

We can clearly see today how visitors are facing constant challenges at airports, universities, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, amusement parks, etc. Challenges that go beyond wayfinding, with the ideal IPIN service at the venue, the visitor can benefit through:

It Can Be Their Digital Guide

Spaces which can get crowded use complex route maps to guide visitors to avenues spread across significant distances, precisely a venue like an amusement park, a digital guide on your fingertips can cut down a lot of physical and mental effort by allowing visitors to focus only on fun and frolic while at the venue.

Indoor Navigation App in Amusement Parks

The Venue Will Become Child-Friendly

Visitors go to amusement parks to have a relaxing day along with their family and friends but ironically, managing their children can become the biggest challenge for them as children wander in search of more amusing rides.

With IPIN, features such as locating people and location bookmarking come as a bonus. With these additional benefits, the visitors can save themselves quickly by not letting their trip convert into a nightmare and also not stopping their children from exploring the venue.

Safety & Security For Visitors

A recent story published on New York Times says that amusement parks safety has been marginal due to lack of proper guidance with the venue and IPIN comes with additional benefits like safety tips and notifications which are sent to visitors on a real-time basis directly to their Smartphones, enabling them to take necessary steps to evade trouble.

 Enhance Guest Experience at Amusement Parks

Enhance Guest Experience at Amusement Parks

All these finer aspects put together translate into an unmatched guest experience. This directly impacts revenue generation as happy customers not just come back to your facility for a good time but also talk to others about thereby increasing your customer base.

When going in for an IPIN platform your amusement park you need to ensure the platform also includes features which help in:

  • Optimal Facility Utilization
  • Emergency Management
  • Marketing Gamification
  • Hoteling and Reservation

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