How Does An Indoor Navigation Technology Work in Locating Assets? [Asset Tracking & Indoor Space Management]

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An indoor navigation system helps to locate assets such as an object, areas of interest, and people inside a facility by tapping indoor frequencies from radio waves, acoustic signals, magnetic fields, and other sensory information which can be transferred and collected easily using a Smartphone.

Referred to as an ‘Indoor GPS’, this system is a positioning and navigation technology which aids in tracking assets within a large facility. Apps like these come with various benefits like wayfinding, workforce collaboration, and asset tracking rolled into one single platform.

Indoor Navigation Technology

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Indoor Navigation Technologies – For Indoor GPS Tracking

This system is made possible by technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology, UWB (Ultra wide-band), etc. This helps users of a large facility navigate and wayfind effortlessly within the venue without having to depend on GPS, which doesn’t work accurately indoors.

Indoor Navigation Systems

Wi-Fi Signals

Wi-Fi signals are used to find out the exact location and guide people to their desired location. This method is also used for ‘fingerprint’ access points to gauge signal strength and helps in detecting the wireless access point.

Light Patterns

The microchips in LEDs have been used for a light pulse to transmit the information by flicking rapidly and detect Smartphone signals to determine a precise location.

Magnetic Fields

Using magnetic fields for positioning and navigation helps to determine the accurate location. Likewise, upgrades also help by fingerprinting through the magnetic field to create a better result as well.


RFID tags are used as a real-time locating system than as an indoor positioning system only. Any device which comes in range by, the RFID tag identifies them and locating them becomes easy.

Beacon / iBeacon

This system if blended with beacon technology results in identifying the exact location of a person or an asset within the facility. Beacon technology is possible through Bluetooth low energy technology, for transmitting signals and identifying the information as well. A Smartphone can detect signals and helps in tracking the assets around.

Apple’s beacons are called iBeacon technology. Such beacons are used as part of an indoor navigation system due to the new audio feature.

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3D Indoor Maps

3D indoor maps are gaining acceptance in facilities such as health care centers, warehouses, and spaces spread over large areas and have multiple assets/people to track and render images of. A recent study explains how 3D indoor maps can be developed using Microsoft Kinect V2.0.

Indoor Space Management

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Features of Indoor Navigational Technology


This system can offer the highest accuracy in locating assets while helping navigation of users within the facility.


The system supports multiple users on the application and continues to work offline as well.

No extensive hardware

This technology needs minimum additional hardware as it can adapt well to existing networks. Only beacons may be added depending on the number of assets to be located. Users will use the app on their Smartphone anyway.

Emergency Management

With the help of indoor navigation, platform messages could be sent to users to alert them on safety tips and emergency regulations.

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