Indoor Positioning & Wayfinding Solutions For Campus Navigation: An Overview [Indoor Maps & Facility Navigation]

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Educational campuses spread over a large area inevitably need indoor positioning & wayfinding solutions for campus navigation. With real-time information made available on users’ smart devices, locating points of interest becomes effortless.

In addition to navigation and wayfinding, the ‘campus navigation’ platform can be customized to aid in event management, course scheduler, notifications & alerts among others.

Indoor Wayfinding for Campus

Facility Navigation

Educational facilities such as public and private universities need to expand their scale and scope of using technology in order to make their facility a ‘smart’ one.

This requires making innovative additions to access the campus infrastructure.

A survey reveals that campus navigation has already been used in few campuses for helping people with visual disability navigate effortlessly within their venue.

Campus Navigation App

Universities are large campuses which have complex infrastructure located at various points across the facility. This poses a problem to new students and visitors who wish to access their points of interest without depending on others.

With different academic and official buildings, underground walkways, hostels, cafeteria, labs, libraries, etc., it gets tougher each season to navigate from one point to the other. For existing students, checking out facilities within the campus which they haven’t visited before becomes cumbersome as well.

Wayfinding Updates and Notifications

  • Real-time wayfinding at their fingertips
  • An instant route guide for bookmarking their location
  • Notifications on safety and security during facility navigation

Another recent survey predicts that there is a higher possibility for students to cut down on a lot of time that is being spent on locating intended destinations.

Additional Benefits with Campus Navigation Apps

  • Event Planning and Execution
  • Location-based Notifications
  • Emergency Management
  • Access to Campus Calendar
  • Information on Inter-disciplinary Updates
  • Seminar/Conference Schedule & Registrations

When indoor positioning and navigation technology can be integrated with these features into one platform, then it can turn into the ideal platform for universities and educational campuses, aiding them inefficient facility management.

Accurate and real-time campus navigation lends a positive vibe to the way students experience the facility while enabling the administration in optimal facility management.

Primarily, Students Can Proactively Participate In All Campus Events and Conferences

Wayfinding Solutions For Campus Navigation

Being in an era where using GPS technologies to reach the desired location when we navigate outdoors, an indoor positioning and navigation platform helps us do this precisely when we intend to reach the desired location inside a large facility – an educational campus can be considered a semi-indoor facility.

In the age of widespread use of Smartphone applications and software aimed at solving complex human problems, why not integrate facility management with apps which help them save time by providing accurate navigation routes and wayfinding solutions?

In USA, the Oregon State University Mobile App built by the Oregon University has been serving the students in a phenomenal manner, providing them with instant updates on the events, programs, seminars within the campus and allowing them to participate without the use of paperwork.

A enriching university life is all that is intended and technology can positively chip-in with its contribution for every student at their respective university. A campus navigation app which can be used on Smartphones using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technologies and enabled using QR codes & Beacons located strategically across the campus infrastructure can make students’ access various facilities much easier while enabling the administration keep a check on facility usage.

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