Indoor Wayfinding for Better Visitor Experience! [Beacon Wayfinding For Indoor Location Tracking]

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Recognizing and adopting the precise solution for indoor wayfinding at large spaces such as transportation hubs, expansive retail establishments, and healthcare centers among others need an understanding of how navigation technology can better visitor experience.

Using appropriate sensory infrastructure and consistent hardware, beacon wayfinding is a new reality aimed at indoor location tracking – improves productivity as asset tracking, indoor space management, hoteling & reservation, and event scheduling become regulated. All one needs is an indoor wayfinding app!Indoor-Wayfinding-app

Indoor Wayfinding App

In 1960, in the book titled ‘The Image of the City’ by Kevin Lynch, the term wayfinding was first used for a larger audience as an analogy to identify the objects and routes of the people within a  territory. This reference here is to make you realize that indoor wayfinding still does the same in large facilities and its essence still remains the same… positioning and navigation.

As people tend to use Smartphones more frequently now, an indoor wayfinding app can be used by the management of a facility to guide users through the venue, track assets, and use data for making more informed decisions.

These apps can be an all in one solution for all the challenges faced by the management of large facilities. Track movable and immovable assets, promote new offers to the app users, respond to emergencies by sending out safety alerts are some of the benefits of indoor wayfinding apps.

  • Facility Utilization
  • Upgraded Indoor Maps
  • Authentic User (Visitor) Direction
  • Augmented Reality Support
  • User and Management Customization

Beacon Wayfinding Technology


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What GPS does outdoors, indoor navigation does indoors with the help of beacon wayfinding technology. With this, Smartphones users can access the map of a large facility and reach the point of interest following step by step directions. Visitors can carry maps with them almost everywhere they go even before they reach the venue.

As these devices are easy to install and do not cost a lot when compared to the RoI, spaces spread over a large area are turning to beacon wayfinding technology for optimal and real-time navigation service designed for better visitor experience.

This journal article presents an analysis of beacon technology and the benefits it holds for the consumers (visitors and the management of large venues).

Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding

A survey on indoor wayfinding market and the engagement with visitors in large facilities say that investing on this technology is not going to be wasted as it is expected that by 2021, indoor positioning and indoor navigation that uses beacon technology will grow at a CAGR of 58.90%. Read the complete study here.

Few of the large venues have already begun digitalizing their venues in order to improve the flow of visitors and enhance their experience while at the facility. Recently, San Francisco International Airport won an award for engaging visitors with a best interactive indoor mapping solution, however, other venues should take this as an example and harness their indoor mapping and navigation solutions within the venue to engage visitors better.
Indoor-Location-TrackingNow that we’ve talked about beacon technology, indoor wayfinding technology and indoor wayfinding apps in this blog post, it is evident that it is an established fact that indoor wayfinding enhances visitor experience while aiding in indoor space management.

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