5 Reasons Why Pigeon Is Unique Among Indoor Positioning and Navigation Apps [Indoor Navigation]

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There are quite a few mobile-based applications which aim at serving large facilities by providing indoor positioning and navigation.

However, facilities such as medical hospitals, office spaces, shopping malls, wildlife parks, educational centers, etc need much more from an app to manage their space better.

After all, indoor navigation is just one part of facility management.


An app should do much more and provide unique features so that the users of the technology have an easy time navigating their facility.

The Pigeon indoor positioning and navigation app gives users the power make more informed decisions for superior facility management.

Continue reading for the 5 reasons which make Pigeon a unique application when compared to the competition in the market.

Indoor Navigation

Precise Navigation

Navigation – This, of course, is the prime reason why a facility would adopt an indoor navigation technology.

As is known, navigating through large facilities for both users and visitors can become quite time-consuming. And this affects productivity as well.

Based on geo-location technology, the app helps users navigate effortlessly to reach any location inside the facility by following simple steps.

The Pigeon app is itself configured to suit the unique needs of a facility by following floor plans and layouts.

Indoor Positioning

Customizable Features

Most navigation apps are limited by choice. What they offer is purely positioning and navigation features.
Pigeon, on the other hand, is highly adaptive and customizable technology.

Apart from positioning and navigation, it comes with default features such as safety aspects of the facility, notifications, and advertisements.

Added to that, Pigeon can be integrated with a host of other attributes such as in-app messaging and calling, people finder, analytics, etc.

Indoor Wayfinding App

Revenue Generation
The scope of using Pigeon for managing large facility also includes revenue generation for the facility heads.
Commercial facilities such as shopping malls, resorts and theme parks among others witness a heavy footfall of visitors quite regularly.

Facility heads can charge advertisers who want to use the app space for promoting their products and services.

To ensure visitors have a good time at the facility, they can be sent instant notifications, updates, or even offers.

Who doesn’t like a good deal? This helps the facility heads enhance the customer experience.
And better customer experience means better business and more revenue generation.

Indoor Navigation App

Value for Money
Investing in a mobile application that provides just two or three features may not be a wise business decision… when compared to investing in an app that gives you more.

Pigeon does just that. For its cost, facility heads can opt for a wide range of features to help them manage their facility better.

The application gives you exquisite features which give you value for your investment

Unmatched Service and Troubleshooting
Developed by Srisys Technologies, Pigeon is supported by an adept technical team. The team helps users understand the functionality of the app and also troubleshoot as and when required.

Users of this mobile application can look forward to round-the-clock technical support and resolution.

Users can approach the technical team by raising an in-app ticket, a direct phone call to the customer support team or chat support.

About Pigeon

Pigeon is a positioning and navigation solution built for the enterprise.

Based on Geolocation tech, Pigeon aids in indoor positioning, indoor navigation, asset tracking, indoor location tracking and event management among others.

Pigeon’s real-time location tracking technology enables location based services for shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, and museums to name a few.

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