Would Visitors Use A Navigation App in Shopping Malls? A Brief Story on Visitor Experience

Would Visitors Use A Navigation App in Shopping Malls? A Brief Story on Visitor Experience

Visitors’ engagement at shopping malls seems like a personal affair but, in most cases, it is a social event. Families come together for one common purpose of purchasing and children are allowed to wander all over the venue… hence, how couldn’t it be a social event? But apparently, surveys have disclosed that shopping has become a cumbersome task for families for lack of navigation within the venue, denying them a thorough visitor experience while at the venue.

However, shopping for most populace still remains a self-satisfying element due to the rewarding experience it gives them at the end of the day. Even with the emergence and rise of online shopping, visiting shopping malls is a better social experience than anything else.

Mall Navigation App

Shopping was always a traditional gathering for families, however, with the advent of technology and personalization the facade of shopping has changed like never before. With this evolution, people have started buying online, unintentionally threatening the traditional style of shopping.

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Can Shopping Malls Get Back That Aura With The Help Of Technology?

Not everyone in the modern day visits the mall for shopping alone. While few visits to catch the breath of normality in their lives and wander around for no concrete purpose such as a window shopper, some others explore the movies or rejoice at fun & games sections. So it becomes obvious for shopping mall facility heads to cater to all kinds of visitors and enhance the visitor experience.

Understand that shopping malls are not just shopping alone but should work as stress busters as well!

Changes that today’s visitors are expecting from shopping malls are

  • A technological based app that can help them navigate inside the facility
  • A mixture of services within that app
  • An iconic feature that can dispense the discounts and offers in each store
  • Integrate a digital view of the venue
  • Event Updates and notifications on a real-time basis

Not all visitors are aware of the entire mall, and as a facility head, you need to make your visitor aware of all the services available within the venue and leave it up to them for further association.

Navigation App in Shopping Malls

Benefits of having an in-app technology

Here are a few benefits that can bring back the lost charm of shopping malls with the help of their diverse features

Shopping malls are a place which is primarily meant for business purposes, however, services provided by the asset owners for the visitors is least visible and therefore ignored by the populace.

Know Your Visitor

– Store owners can know the profile of each visitor and this can help them chip-in with exclusive offers for them based on their previous records

Happy Hours

– Location-based notifications can be forwarded for the users of the app about the happy hours available at a restaurant, lounge, pub, etc. within the venue

UI Personalization

– The admin of the venue can anytime replace the User Interface (UI) of the app based on the venue requirements

In-App Search For Visitors

– For effortlessly locating intended stalls, stores and other spots within the venue

Similar Recommendations

– For visitors to have options, the app will recommend a similar sort of stores that are close visitors’ current location

Event Notifications

– A lot of events happen in a mall, it’s just that visitors may not be aware of it. With this feature, one can easily get updated with the upcoming events within the venue and participate.

Shopping Mall Navigation App

The world of retail has been changing rapidly and mall operators must envision the use of technology keeping in mind utilization of the space by the younger crowd. Shopping should not be sole criteria at malls but providing services that will influence the visitors personally which can eventually make them come back for more should be the criteria.

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About Pigeon

Pigeon is a positioning and navigation solution built for the enterprise.

Based on Geolocation tech, Pigeon aids in indoor positioning, indoor navigation, asset tracking, indoor location tracking and event management among others.

Pigeon’s real-time location tracking technology enables location based services for shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, and museums to name a few.

How Shopping Mall Navigation Apps Can Make Shopping ‘Unchallenging’ For the Physically Challenged?

How Shopping Mall Navigation Apps Can Make Shopping ‘Unchallenging’ For the Physically Challenged?

People with disabilities accomplish activities of their daily routine quite differently when compared to people without disabilities. These activities include feeding themselves, moving around, communicating, fulfilling other personal and social roles, etc. demand a specialized set of kinesics. Hence, how can shopping malls be socially inclusive and accommodate people with challenges at their facility in order to provide them with thrilling, fun-filled experiences?

Before we get into the details of the advantages of shopping mall navigation apps, let’s understand who people with disabilities are and the challenges they face on a regular basis.

A Snapshot on People with Disabilities

Disabled people are the ones who are either born with or have acquired a state of being where-in their physical, mental, intellectual or sensory properties function on another tangent when compared to the majority of the population. Disabilities could include loss of limbs, visual or aural impairments, hormonal imbalances which affect the growth of the individual or a significant part of their body, etc.

People with disabilities can be found across geographies, both rural and urban, using accessories and attendant technology to help them engage with the world we live in. It’s not a surprise anymore when we discover organizations employing people with disabilities for jobs, both casual and critical, as technology has minimized the disability thereby empowering the individual to carry out tasks as demanded by the establishment.

What has made this positive change possible?

The answer, of course, is technology. Through humane efforts of inventors big and small people with disabilities have tremendous opportunities in various fields to pursue careers of their choice. From being ridiculed as ‘aliens’ or ‘jokers’ or ‘monsters’ we have now reached a cherished moment in human history which has effectively blended special abilities with technology to use more inclusive terms; a vital sign in the progress of our human race.

But is every space warm enough to welcome the diversely-abled?

In contemporary times, from seeking the help of others to procure essential items for livelihood people with disabilities can now shop online independently and fulfill their existential needs. However, the point is to ensure they also join visit various facilities for both formal as well as recreational purposes.

While various facilities consciously design their space to make it disabled-friendly, there are many important arenas which need to wake up to this fact and ensure a space which is warm and welcoming for all sections of the society. Shopping malls are spaces which need effective infrastructural as well as technological improvements to be inclusive.

New Technologies for New Experiences

Shopping is fun; it’s more than fun, in fact. It is a necessity which can sometimes become an obsession. However, everybody loves to shop in a mall as there are other attractions such as movies, games, rides, etc. which provide entertainment for those looking to spend their weekends with friends and family. It is a notable fact that few shop because they find pleasure in it while for others it remains a necessity. Despite the reasons for shopping in a mall being aplenty, visitors look forward to a hassle-free and productive time at the venue.

To realize this element and enhance the visitor experience, malls can adopt a Shopping Mall Navigation App which works with indoor location tracking technology to help users navigate effortlessly within the facility. This particular invention is gradually picking up pace and it is a matter of time before large facilities such as malls include it in their list of must-haves to improve visitor experience.

Apps like these help visitors pre-plan their routes from outside the facility to inside, get notified with offers and deals to maximize their time, and receive vital safety tips and alerts among other experiential benefits.

This is precisely the technology that can help people with disabilities as well. It makes it flexible and effortless to navigate within the mall and shop with very little stress on their minds. In today’s world barring few exceptions, not many people with disabilities visit malls because they foresee the problems which can possibly occur. The most common issue could be wayfinding and navigating in thickly populated malls as it becomes really hectic to reach their choice of destination in the given ambience.

With the advent of indoor location tracking technology which helps with indoor positioning and navigation, disabled people can visit shopping malls without any hesitation and explore the thrills and excitement malls offer.

Challenges Faced By People with Disabilities in Shopping Malls

It is not always common for the mall infrastructure to accommodate people with disabilities as part of its design. Very few organizations do thorough research and planning to design the mall infrastructure that is conducive for navigation and accessible by all sections of the populace.

Let’s look at a few of the challenges faced by people with disabilities while at shopping malls.

People in a Wheelchair

Shopping becomes a painful task especially when you find yourself in a mall which is huge and crowded with no human resource available to accompany you in your shopping journey. To add further misery to this situation, you are in your wheelchair which does not come with an indoor navigation guide! With the right technology in your hand such as indoor positioning and navigation app, it becomes a completely enjoyable journey irrespective of disability.

In most cases, people in wheelchairs are bullied when asked for guidance. It becomes a much more cumbersome task to navigate within the mall. Sometimes, their immediate reality is made fun off by people with no sense of empathy in social platforms like malls, resorts, colleges, etc.

However, by using a shopping mall navigation app, the disabled can way find and navigate all by themselves and not bother about anybody’s comments or criticism.

People with Listening and/or Vision Disabilities

Listening becomes an important sense while communicating with people and people with listening disability find ways to communicate but unfortunately, they are not given an opportunity to do that as they are most commonly ignored or bullied.

According to a research conducted in the year 2011 with the title ‘Disabled facilities in shopping malls: Malaysian Perspective’, people with hearing disability have not been shopping since last 5 years due to poor access in malls.
For visually impaired people, however, shopping may seem an impossible task to complete unless there are modern technologies to help and guide them in this process.

For people who are handicapped, deaf, mute, autistic, etc. technology can provide the best service and reliance on modern gadgets will pay rich dividends. For people with visual disability, using an application that can convert text to speech is a good option as real-time data can be accessed through the use of headphones connected to the smartphone.

Key Benefits of Indoor Navigation Technology for People with Disabilities

  • Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding

    • Shopping mall navigation app allows people with disabilities to shop effortlessly. Shopping seems to be a hectic job to do but it also comes with an equal amount of fun as well. With this innovative navigating and wayfinding technology both normal and challenged people can enrich their shopping experience fivefold.
      People with disabilities can enter the shopping mall and not look for anybody for guidance. They can use the indoor location tracking technology and make way for themselves. Not just in shopping malls but this technology can be adopted by various other industries which deal with large numbers of people accessing the facility such as airports, warehouses, medical facilities, educational facilities, resorts, etc. In all of these industries, disabled people face common issues of wayfinding and navigation.

      Association with this shopping mall navigation app, people with disabilities can combat the common problems they have been facing while socializing with others on a daily basis.

      Not just while shopping but while in airports, convention centers, resorts, etc. this technology can navigate the challenged people with a real-time point to point guidance.

  • Easy Access to All facilities Within The Mall

    • Generally, disabled people face troubles accessing the various facilities in a mall from shopping aisles to restrooms or games arcades. Many times, they deny their own privileges of having access to all the facilities because of their physical condition. But this technology will empower them and make them feel that they are no less than other persons who traverse within the shopping mall with ease.

Eventually, This Technology Can Change the Way People Look at the Challenged

In most cases, disabled people are prone to suffering from emotional and psychological challenges due to the ways in which certain sections of society engaging with them. The uncalled for comments and remarks passed by insensitive people on various offline and online social platforms make them susceptible to mental trauma which might cause unsavory experiences and leave bad memories in the head. While there are sensitive people who sympathize with the physical state of disabled people, the solution to social bullying lies in the disabled being independent who can take care of themselves without the intervention of others around them.

With the help of latest technologies, people with disabilities can chart their own course of action and monitor progress while they are out spending time in large facilities. This will also bring about a welcome change in the attitudes of people who disrespect or devalue the disabled making them take note of the capacity technology has made disabled people acquire.

To conclude, it would be premature to say that it is only the disabled people who need to pick themselves up and develop technologies to help their lifestyle for ensuring ease of access. It has to be a collaborative effort where developers of technology, its promoters, and its adopters form a community which guarantees a win-win proposition for all.

About Pigeon

Pigeon is a positioning and navigation solution built for the enterprise.

Based on Geolocation tech, Pigeon aids in indoor positioning, indoor navigation, asset tracking, indoor location tracking and event management among others.

Pigeon’s real-time location tracking technology enables location based services for shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, and museums to name a few.

How a Shopping Mall Navigation App can Benefit Your Business ‘Holistically’?

How a Shopping Mall Navigation App can Benefit Your Business ‘Holistically’?

Assume you are new to a city and you are heading to a shopping mall along with your partner who’s on a shopping spree. Now, this could be the biggest challenge to act as a guide to a place unknown to you. How do you deal with such an awkward situation where you have no idea about the locations in a huge shopping mall in an urban city? Only an indoor location tracking technology can help you!

Indoor Navigation App forShopping MallA wise person would definitely take help of technology because only technology serves without any agenda unlike humans, provided it is fed with a healthy internet connection.

A shopping mall is like an ocean of stores with a diverse variety of products placed in a huge area which at a time can accommodate a sea of people. So, a couple or even a layperson new to such malls will find the experience of navigating to, within, and from the mall a journey equivalent to visiting a black hole and back.

Only a shopping mall navigation app can help with outdoor to indoor wayfinding and navigate a person inside a mall with the help of indoor location tracking technology. The only other option without using technology would be to visit a pizza store and get back to your location.

What is an Indoor Location Tracking Technology?

The generation which grew up with paper maps to locate their way around is using the popular GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to reach their destinations in contemporary times. This tells us how time has changed the way we live our lives and are still on the course of change. Today, nobody guides anybody till the destination; it’s just the GPS which guides all- no matter if you are from the rural or urban region.

This technology is a system that locates objects, people, ATMs, and etc within a building with the help of radio waves, acoustic signals, magnetic fields, and other emerging technologies. This particular technology is primarily built to serve the common purpose of navigation and wayfinding inside huge buildings according to their preference.

Can This Technology Be Helpful For Business Purposes?

Shopping Mall Navigation AppBusinesses today have evolved and adapted to technologies irrespective of big, medium, or small scales of operation. People who visit shopping malls, corporate campuses, airports, large event sites and etc will always look for a genuine guide and this technology can be their escort throughout their journey within the premises.

Businesses should always be looking for feedback from their customers so as to keep improving with time and money. This technology will allow shopping malls, hospitals, large buildings, etc to avail quick and instant feedback without consumption of physical energy.
Shopping malls have more benefits when associated with this technology.

Have a Look at the Benefits Shopping Mall Navigation App Has To Offer

It provides a better experience for visitors

Visitors around the world look for time-saving ideas whether it is in shopping malls, airports, university campuses, etc. and apps like these can do exactly the same. With this technology visitors experience within the premises will improve fivefold and that will result in revisits and improved impressions.

Increases sales and productivity

In most cases, the chaotic ambience in shopping malls leads visitors to exit the place. But with a shopping mall navigation app, one can navigate to the required store and make it a productive moment for themselves as well as the store personnel.

Now visually-impaired can shop with ease

These apps allow people who are physically challenged to shop with ease. As said above, shopping could become a hectic thing for normal people with the chaotic ambience but with this innovative both normal and challenged people can shop effortlessly

Gives ample time for visitors to visit all the stores

Wayfinding in Shopping MallsAn app like this makes it easy for visitors in locating their stores of interest easily and one can also spend ample time in visiting and purchasing.

Not all visitors look at the entire mall because of several reasons from which paucity of time being one. The technology can make them plan their routes and schedule accordingly.

The technology behind such apps is a combination of frequency signals, light, sound, and sensors. These technologies are:

Radio Frequency Signals (RF) – This is a very generic term related to the frequency of radio signals, used in many popular communication protocols such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Light (visible and infrared light) – Although this is an electromagnetic signal just as the RF signals, the associated technologies are quite dissimilar.

Sound– Both audible and ultrasonic.

Magnetic Fields– Both natural Earth’s magnetic field, along with its irregularities, and artificially produced magnetic fields.

One such innovative application aimed at helping visitors experience the thrill of shopping while ensuring management of the mall can generate revenue and boost sales is the Pigeon Indoor Positioning and Navigation App.

Pigeon shopping mall navigation app which has unique features including safety and security, updates and notifications, promotions and advertisements, registrations of events, etc. can be the right fit in a facility like shopping mall.

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About Pigeon

Pigeon is a positioning and navigation solution built for the enterprise.

Based on Geolocation tech, Pigeon aids in indoor positioning, indoor navigation, asset tracking, indoor location tracking and event management among others.

Pigeon’s real-time location tracking technology enables location based services for shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, and museums to name a few.

7 Reasons Why Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Huge Facilities Need Indoor Navigation Apps [Navigation Technologies]

7 Reasons Why Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Huge Facilities Need Indoor Navigation Apps [Navigation Technologies]

This post was last updated on Apr 2, 2019 

The bigger the facility, the bigger the problem it becomes for users of that facility to navigate effortlessly within the venue. From the management’s perspective, it becomes an even more tedious activity to keep track of not just the usage of space in the facility but the productivity of resources as well.

So, how can we leverage technology to solve these problems?

Read on to know the top 7 reasons why huge indoor facilities need indoor navigation apps.


It has been observed quite often that manual efforts undertaken to manage facilities and resources spread over a large area can take a lot of time and duplication. Hence, the management is at a loss!

The solution to these and other problems lies in using a robust Indoor navigation technology, or as it is popularly known as the indoor GPS!

We have heard of the Global Positioning System (GPS) help millions of people worldwide to access various geographical locations when in doubt. Google has been the pioneer in this through its Maps technology.

But Google Maps works only in the outdoors, in locations where paths are clearly demarcated and landmarks are named.

What about locations where Google Maps or other navigation technologies do not reach? How can people navigate through huge facilities without having to break a sweat? How can state-of-the-art shopping malls, vast warehouses, expansive parks and resorts, hotels and recreational spaces among others ensure superior facility management?

The answer to this is the new-age technological shift in the form of indoor navigation technology or Indoor positioning system. And not just navigation, these apps come with a whole lot of other features.


Read on to know the 7 reasons why decision makers are opting for this technology to manage their facilities better.

1. Mobile-based Technology: There you go! The first reason itself is the biggest reason. Having this technology as a mobile application means that accessibility and complicated ways of usage will never be an issue. Anything mobile-based is easily assimilated by today’s populace.

2.Real-time Mapping: Imagine having real-time information on whether or not a specific area in the facility is occupied or free… saves a lot of time, right? And time saved is time earned!

3.Workforce collaboration: What if this technology also lets users communicate with each other and organize their time better? That is precisely what this app can do. Pigeon Indoor Positioning and Navigation App is a one of its kind technology which allows efficient collaboration between employees.

While these three reasons are strong enough for large-scale facility heads to invest in this technology, read on for a few more reasons on why adopting the indoor navigation app will become a must in the near future.

4.Productivity Enhancement: Who likes an efficient workforce that is productive as well as punctual? Well, everybody does. With Indoor navigation technology, management can generate data on user analytics and behavior for better decision making. Whoa!

5.Outdoor to Indoor Mapping: What was purely a recommendation in a research paper published in 2011 is now fast becoming a reality. Let’s suppose you have a visitor or a bunch of them trying to reach you from the airport or another part of the city. With a tap on your mobile you can send the precise location of not only your facility but also your desk. Check!

6.Customized Product Delivery and Service: Well, this is another important reason – what may suit others’ business may not suit yours! While this largely holds true, indoor navigation systems can be customized to suit the facility and its operations. Making it completely relevant to the nature and dynamics of your business.

7.Simple, User-friendly Interface: This is one feature that we all cannot do without. As long as the user-interface is simple and functional, we are sure to go for it as it saves us a lot of time while accomplishing important tasks. As simple as a schoolboy’s logic!

indoor positioning and navigation

Contemporary global trends indicate that managers of extensive facilities are looking for simplified solutions in order to increase space utilization while ensuring the productivity of workforce keeps growing – this is precisely where mall navigation would come in to alleviate issues related to wayfinding and navigation.

This case study gives a fair insight of indoor navigation user experience inside a shopping mall.

Indoor navigation systems provide precisely this solution to facility heads. By monitoring the entire facility using real-time data, managers can look forward to making decisions which have a positive impact on their business.

Any facility built-up over a space of 200,000 sqft and more should invest in an indoor positioning and navigation app to enable superior facility management.

About Pigeon

Pigeon is a positioning and navigation solution built for the enterprise.

Based on Geolocation tech, Pigeon aids in indoor positioning, indoor navigation, asset tracking, indoor location tracking and event management among others.

Pigeon’s real-time location tracking technology enables location based services for shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, and museums to name a few.

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