Tap into the power of indoor navigation to transform educational facilities

Indoor Location Tracking Technology - PigeonWhether it’s technology for education or technology from education, one cannot isolate these two entities from each other.

On one hand educational facilities impart technical education to students and on the other, they also use technology to make it convenient to manage their operations. In this scenario, which technologies can educational institutions adopt to manage their facility efficiently?

One such breakthrough is the mobile application-based indoor positioning and navigation technology which can aid in superior facility management.

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Why You Need Pigeon

University/School administrators can look at Pigeon indoor positioning and navigation app as a viable technology that can aid in a variety of ways.

Directing visitors, students, and faculty to precise locations within the facility from their location outside, helping students reserve their participation for a conference, booking a chair/seat in the library, checking the availability of a playground, etc. are a few of the unique features of the app.

Pigeon allows you to transform the way your visitors experience your facility and gives you data to make subsequent visits better.

Customer Experience Re-Defined

Pigeon is a real-time, intelligent platform that uncovers the power of indoor and outdoor way finding enabling your visitors to maximize their day at your venue.

Pigeon offers, round-the-clock, expert technical support to ensure your IT application is up and running all day, every day!

Pigeon’s comprehensive platform can be configured for your organization. Leverage real-time point to point navigation for higher customer satisfaction and engagement that will increase your bottom line.

Included Features

Indoor Positioning

Indoor Positioning

Isn’t it a relief when you can locate everything in a school/university by a tap of your finger? Yes, Pigeon Indoor Positioning and Navigation App does just that and more.
Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation

One of the primary features of Pigeon, indoor navigation helps users find spaces within the facility without having to waste time and energy locating them.
Safety Features

Real-Time Way Finding

Pigeon platform allows you to map hundreds of points of interest for accurate point to point navigation.
Indoor Navigation

Facility Utilization

Detect available workspaces, conference rooms, etc in a school/university and present them to users for booking.
Indoor Positioning

Pre-Planned Routing

Allows students to optimize their routes ensuring they get to see what they want, with the time they have – from home.
Safety Features

Emergency Management

Get real-time tips and alerts related to safety and security of the facilities.


To ensure users of Pigeon are updated with the latest information on their facilities and resources, the notifications feature has been enabled.


Upload event news, get registrations and keep your students and faculty updated on the latest events and official get-togethers.

Marketing Integration

Increase student engagement along the way. Incorporate videos based on location. Even organize events relating to students and teachers that can redeem prizes.
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Pigeon keeps contacts' data private and does not share it with third parties.