FAQs on Pigeon indoor positioning and indoor navigation technology

What technology is Pigeon based on?
Pigeon Indoor Positioning and Navigation App is based on Geo-location technology which integrates people and process with technology to manage facilities better. Pigeon can also be integrated with QR code and Beacon technologies.
Why should I use Pigeon when I already have a chat application to locate my colleagues?
You can locate them even when they are offline! That’s what Pigeon can do for you. Its functionality is tailor-made for locating people, resources and facilities.
What can Pigeon offer that other indoor positioning apps don’t?
Pigeon comes with a range of features such as outdoor to indoor positioning and navigation, people finder, in-app calling and messaging, safety and security, and notifications among others.

Pigeon is in effect, an indoor collaboration tool as it comes loaded with features to improve operational efficiency.

Is the application interface standard for different industries?
While there are standard templates, specifics of the interface can be customized based on the facilities’ requirement.
How much time would it take to learn the app interface?
Pigeon strives to keep the application interface highly user-friendly so that users spend very little time and effort getting used to it.
Does Pigeon work offline as well?
Yes, Pigeon works offline as well. You will need to be online only during the login process.
How many user accounts can be created?
Number of user accounts depends on the need of the enterprise. There is no upper or lower limit.
How many staff members can be made admins?
It is ideal that admins remain a select few. However, the app can be customized to suit the need of a facility for higher number of admin accounts.
Can the app be used for calling or messaging?
All the users of the app with functional user IDs can collaborate between themselves through calls and messaging.
How is advertising monitored on the app?
Pigeon allows for advertising from the app developer and the client to an optimal level.
Is the user data safe? How is data security being ensured?
Data security is of utmost importance. Data is stored on secure servers which can also be accessed at a later point in time.
Where is all the data stored?
On highly secure servers with multiple layers of security.
What kind of tech support can be expected?
Users of Pigeon can expect 24*7*365 technical support to resolve issues which might arise during the app usage.
How does Pigeon deal with virus threats and malware attacks?
The technical team of Pigeon is continually in the process of ensuring no virus or malware attacks the app. Hence, the event of virus taking over the functioning of the app is next to zero.
Can we customize the app further after 6 months or one year of usage?
Yes. It is possible to customize the app to suit the needs of your facility as and when they arise.
How is Pigeon priced? Is it too expensive?
Pigeon Indoor Positioning and Navigation App has many firsts to its name owing to its functionality and usage. When it comes to pricing, we offer the best in-class value for clients invested with us.
Is pricing based on the quantum of user accounts or an annual rental fee?
This can be arrived at based on the industry segment and the nature of the facility in relation to its users.
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