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Indoor Navigation App for Government SpacesThe Pigeon indoor positioning and navigation app is a customized platform to enable smooth operations of all government-run spaces. It offers several advantages, all rolled into one smart application.

Government spaces such as zoos, museums, public parks, railway stations, hospitals, courts, universities, recreational spaces and office spaces can be managed effectively with Pigeon. The application has multiple benefits which help users experience a functional and productive facility when indoors.

Embedded with features such as indoor wayfinding, events management, notifications and alerts, Hoteling and reservation, etc., Pigeon provides essential user data as well for analysis and public policy making.

Designed for optimal facility management, Pigeon guarantees round the clock expert technical support to ensure the application is up and running all day, every day!

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Why You Need Pigeon

As government spaces are spread across various locations over the urban geography, adopting the right technology can help an administration implement a cohesive plan for its citizens despite spatial differences.

Simply put, indoor positioning and navigating technology can help in better governance as citizens can look forward to ease of access by relying on a smart application to guide them through facilities managed by the government.

Pigeon allows government bodies to strategize, manage and implement plans for optimal facility utilization. In addition to this, government can have access to vital data which will help them for enhancing governance.

Visitor Experience Re-Defined

Pigeon is a real-time, intelligent platform that uncovers the power of indoor and outdoor wayfinding enabling employees and citizens to have a productive time at a government facility.

Pigeon offers, round-the-clock, expert technical support to ensure your IT application is up and running all day, every day!

Pigeon’s comprehensive platform can be configured for each sector of the government’s operations. Users can leverage real-time point to point navigation for higher satisfaction and engagement with the facility.

Included Features


Cross-platform Access

Pigeon's slick and responsive interface enables ease of use across devices.



Geo-fencing acts as a virtual
perimeter and gives users live
data within the facility.


Indoor Positioning and Navigation

Pigeon's Geolocation technology aids real-time indoor wayfinding and facility navigation.


Indoor Space Management

Use Beacons or QR codes to mark assets for space management.


Location Based Services

Pigeon relays instant notifications and updates to users based on their location.


People Finder

Unique feature which
helps users locate other
users of the app.


Hoteling & Reservation

Helps users of the app to reserve an asset or a
space by the tap of a finger


Real-time Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking helps in effortless navigation from outside the facility.

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