Asset management app for ranches all set for launch

by | Mar 30, 2018 | News

Pigeon, an indoor positioning app for navigation and asset tracking, is all set to hit the Google play store and ios platforms. This smart phone application has been developed by software firm Srisys to help ranch managers keep track of every asset of their ranch.

Ranches across the US, Spain, and other parts of the globe are spread over hundreds of acres of land which makes it a complex activity for ranch managers to keep track of their assets, including the live stock, shelters, equipment, etc.

This new tech trend is expected to emerge as the best application for managing sprawling land estates such as ranches.

About Pigeon

Pigeon is a positioning and navigation solution built for the enterprise.
Based on Geolocation tech, Pigeon aids in indoor positioning, indoor navigation, asset tracking, indoor location tracking and event management among others.
Pigeon’s real-time location tracking technology enables location based services for shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, and museums to name a few.

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