New tech trend as public parks’ visitors turn to apps for navigation

by | Feb 15, 2018 | News

A recent report mentioned that visitors of public parks have been increasingly using Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) to guide them in navigation during their visits to the park. Emerging as a global phenomenon, it has been observed that people of various age groups are using smart phone applications for navigating their time through the facility.

A similar application which is creating a buzz in the IPS industry is Pigeon, an indoor positioning and navigation app. The CEO of Srisys, the developers of the app, said that, “Public parks are vast spaces which are in need of technology to assist them in efficient management. Our app Pigeon has all the necessary features to give the management and users of the park a hassle-free time while at the facility.”

This trend seems to be catching up pretty fast with parks across the US and Europe viewing demos of the application before making the final call to install it.

About Pigeon

Pigeon is a positioning and navigation solution built for the enterprise.
Based on Geolocation tech, Pigeon aids in indoor positioning, indoor navigation, asset tracking, indoor location tracking and event management among others.
Pigeon’s real-time location tracking technology enables location based services for shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, and museums to name a few.

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