Railway Stations

Tap into the power of indoor wayfinding to transform railway stations

Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding in Railway StationsPigeon, a smart phone application claims that it has unique features which help in efficient management of railway stations while ensuring visitors have a smooth time navigating through the facility.

Developed by US based software firm Srisys, Pigeon is based on Geo location technology which helps people navigate through large facilities by giving them real-time data. The CEO of Srisys adds, “With features on safety, events, notifications and advertising, Pigeon is a unique mobile application for railway stations to help manage their assets better.”

For railway station officials it becomes a smoother task for managing multiple people and assets as data is produced on a real-time basis and analytics are updated each time a visitor uses the app.

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Why You Need Pigeon

You might promise your visitors a great customer experience. However, after wandering around the terminal looking for a bite to eat, your customer realizes their favorite restaurant was a few gates down.

Digital directories are status quo. But they don’t utilize the latest technology.  Are flights and trains on schedule?  How long does it take to walk from one terminal to another? Will they be able to find something to eat after they clear security?

Pigeon allows you to transform the way your customers experience your venue and gives you data to make subsequent visits better.

Customer Experience Re-Defined

Pigeon is a real-time, intelligent platform that uncovers the power of indoor and outdoor way finding enabling your visitors to maximize their day at your venue.

Pigeon offers, round-the-clock, expert technical support to ensure your IT application is up and running all day, every day!

Pigeon’s comprehensive platform can be configured for your organization. Leverage real-time point to point navigation for higher customer satisfaction and engagement that will increase your bottom line.

Included Features

Indoor Positioning

Indoor Positioning

One of the primary features of Pigeon, indoor positioning helps in asset location by locating waiting areas, restaurants, stores, etc. to the dot.
Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation

A vital feature which helps users for indoor way finding with real-time point to point navigation from anywhere within the railway station.
Safety Features

Real-Time Way Finding

Way finding helps in effortless navigation from outside the railway station to a precise location inside the facility.

In-App Messaging

For seamless communication between users of the app to keep themselves updated about the latest developments.

Beacon Integration

Sustainable and proven technology for indoor positioning of assets.
Safety Features

Emergency Management

Get real-time tips and alerts related to safety and security of the facilities.


Location based text, graphic and audio-video notifications to sustain user engagement.

Marketing Integration

A vital feature which drives growth as a platform to post offers, deals, and other commercial aspects.
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Pigeon keeps contacts' data private and does not share it with third parties.