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What technology is Pigeon based on?
Pigeon Indoor Positioning and Navigation App is based on Geo-location technology which integrates people and process with technology to manage facilities better. Pigeon can also be integrated with QR code and Beacon technologies.
Why should I use Pigeon when I already have a chat application to locate my colleagues?
You can locate them even when they are offline! That’s what Pigeon can do for you. Its functionality is tailor-made for locating people, resources and facilities.
What can Pigeon offer that other indoor positioning apps don’t?
Pigeon comes with a range of features such as outdoor to indoor positioning and navigation, people finder, in-app calling and messaging, safety and security, and notifications among others.

Pigeon is in effect, an indoor collaboration tool as it comes loaded with features to improve operational efficiency.

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Pigeon keeps contacts' data private and does not share it with third parties.