Tap into the power of indoor wayfinding to transform warehouses

Asset Location Tracking for WarehousesThe Pigeon Indoor Positioning and Navigation App has recently released its upgraded version 1.2. The new version boasts of customized features such as safety updates, events and assets registration, wayfinder, instant updates and notifications and real-time precise navigation.

The ware house industry is set to grow at a tremendous pace across the globe and signs of this trend picking up have been quite conspicuous in developed as well as developing countries. The pigeon app aims at targeting this industry segment with its upgraded version.

Speaking on this development, CEO of Srisys, Vijay Sabbineni said, “The earlier version of the app was built to support hospitals, zoos, office spaces, and other large facilities. The present version has been built to support the operations of large warehouses by making it convenient for them to keep track of assets.”

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Why You Need Pigeon

Pigeon indoor positioning and navigation app can be configured and customized for organizations which are spread over large areas and have a significant number of employees and customers utilizing the facility on a daily basis.

With features such as indoor navigation, people finder, in-app messaging and calling, safety guides, events and reservations among others, Pigeon is a unique technology built to suit its users. By deploying this app for your facility, heads of organizations can look forward to a more productive workforce, better space utilization and better customer response.

Customer Experience Re-Defined

Pigeon is a real-time, intelligent platform that uncovers the power of indoor and outdoor way finding enabling your visitors to maximize their day at your venue.

Pigeon offers, round-the-clock, expert technical support to ensure your IT application is up and running all day, every day!

Pigeon’s comprehensive platform can be configured for your organization. Leverage real-time point to point navigation for higher customer satisfaction and engagement that will increase your bottom line.

Included Features


Cross-platform Access

Pigeon's slick and responsive interface enables ease of use across devices.



Geo-fencing acts as a virtual
perimeter and gives users live
data within the facility.


Indoor Positioning and Navigation

Pigeon's Geolocation technology aids real-time indoor wayfinding and facility navigation.


Indoor Space Management

Use Beacons or QR codes to mark assets for space management.


Location Based Services

Pigeon relays instant notifications and updates to users based on their location.


People Finder

Unique feature which
helps users locate other
users of the app.


Proximity Marketing

Gamify marketing activities with latest deals and offers to customers.


Real-time Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking helps in effortless navigation from outside the facility.

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